Thursday, 11 June 2015

Eulogy For the Undead, Dead Good

RIP Christopher Lee
- wonderful man, so glad he lived long and prospered playing high status charismatic master villains, being a war hero and thoroughly impressive dude (the acting really being the least of it) He was just such an unlikely and wonderful person to grace these shores. I imagine the Hammer Horror-peoples heavenly jokes about the irony of them being the ones who wind up in heave...n. Lee is the biggest contrast, however as in real life he is their dark lord reversed in a contrast as extreme, if not more so, than the Star Trek 'Alternate-Universe' bearded 'evil' versions of Spock and Kirk, which of course, were still, all fictional.
I always thought of Lee as a loveable kitsch icon. In his and my later life I was delighted not only could I enjoy him sans irony, I could marvel at his added excellent-ness. By the time he died he had enjoyed acclaim and received respect beyond those of us who loved camp, unscary glorious technicolour high point in fi the TV programming of our childhood.(Along with Carry On - the crossover in 'Screaming' being perfection) Thing is, truth being strange, the chap was in real life improbably enough actually brilliant and brave enough to do what any of his baddies could have done (with the same diabolical aid), Lee was actually a card carrying 'goodie' in real life as extreme, practiced, erudite and accomplished as many of his high villains.
So as he arrives, sweeping in front of all the posh and important dead at the welcoming committee, is an impeccably turned out Peter Cushing, his high forehead gleaming, his hair swept back, his impeccably tailored velvet jacket and lace collar immaculate, they shake hand and hug "Well, well well Chris old feller, I always expected you to wind up downstairs heheheheh!" Lee takes a sip of some welcome refreshment handed to him.
"Tell al the Hollywood welcoming people and so forth to give my friend and I some time to catch up eh?
Whereupon they wander off together to a bookish wood panelled, clock ticking, candle lit gentlemen's study with comfy chairs, a decanter and a globe to take snuff and talk long into the night, so okay...THIS is this is what I would like to think.

The point being...
Having now expressed, my fondness and best wishes in regard to his passing, my happiness at his good innings and a life well lived. Taking into account the humour and good nature of the man himself. I say I in all due respect to the man and his fans and the online clipboard carrying critics - please do not hassle me over my affectionate, if irreverent impulse to post this picture, drink a toast and say-

'He'll be back" '

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