Monday, 3 August 2015

Conspiracies And Kathy Mitchell

Afternoon thoughts. (May resemble displacement activity AKA procrastination, indicate a Long Lunch etc.)
A friend on Facebook posted an article by a Conspiracy Theorist which had the audacious post semi-colon question in it's title - Chaos or Conspiracy? Turns out - wait for it - YES! - It's a conspiracy *Phew!. Other way would be no fun. Such is the joy of Facebook links. The poster/sharer, as a pragmatic and regular chap posted it for ridicule but I have, however, seen more amateurish things served as an OMG fact. Funny how the believers think of themselves as the sceptics?
Got me thinking. It was either that or working!

 My dad always said that War when you were inside it was, Chaos and patterns are attributed to it afterwards and things presented as though organised and to plan.
History is written.
Conspiracy theorists (the authors) are like fictional writers working with fact. Using what already exists they have to take the events, make it a plot, give it a narrative, make it look organised. Thing is it's a bit like writers on EastEnders trying to macramé past characters and plots into later ones and making them seem connected. Sometimes you just have to crowbar in the improbable and hope for the best. One needs however an audience who have already entered into a contract of disbelief. When it gets tricky and ludicrous like when the actual people who did the 7.7 attacks were ACTORS duped into thinking it was a film (The 9/11 truthers believe ALL these things are False Flags and the explanation for every terrorist event is quite a miracle to behold) Some here will post the first sighting of the gospel according to apologist. Seriously the details are the best.
The Conspiracy Theory Customers however are like we are and will not give up or criticise Eastenders Kathy Mitchell's return from the dead, we will accept the explanation and enjoy the outcome.. We do like her so okay, far-fetched, lets just move over that part and get on with the whole story. Christmas will be good.

When Conspiracy jockeys try and sell it to the sensible it all goes wrong. these people due to their need and desire to believe, their faith in their paranoia (or cynicism) and hate create complicated Pretzels of logic and present them as though they are plain rolls. They do not realise how far they have gone down the rabbit hole if they believe, if they don't, oh well, it's a game and you are a counter.
They will never see sense because they don't want to, it is no fun (and stops sometimes a politically mischievous game) or, in the case of The Moon Landings, or Lizard people, some film reality with them as special that they find more feasible than the boring and pathetic human truth.
Sometimes it's just a way of deflecting focus from something else more unpleasant, often to do with ourselves or those close. Bit like the reason we watch Eastenders on Christmas day.

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